A Lobby in Denver, CO

Denver Public Schools Lobby installation

The Denver Public Schools bought a large corporate office in downtown Denver to house all their administrative employees, a high school, a technical college, a cooking school, and an expeditionary school.  The campus is named for the late 19th century/early 20th century educator Emily Griffith who founded the Opportunity School in 1916.  By 1954 the […]

Boardroom Table

Newman’s Own Boardroom Table

This summer we installed a large boardroom table at Newman’s Own Headqurarter’s in Wesport, CT. We made the table from a giant maple log that came down in Westport’s historic Longshore Park. We did a number of other pieces for the new headquarter’s including a large feature wall.  Photos of that coming soon!

Brooklyn writing desk

Writing desk

A Brooklyn based writer had all the trees from his childhood home in Hartford uprooted in the great storm of late October, 2011.  We delivered this small writing desk to his apartment this spring as one of many pieces that his family and he will be creating from this beautiful silver maple.


We’re a featured part of the Small Business RevolutionSeptember 1, 2015

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City Bench was a featured business in the Small Business Revolution storytelling project. Check it out here!


City Bench featured on MadeClose

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Check us out on MadeClose, an e-commerce site dedicated to locally made American products!