Catalpa Benches With Slab Bases


A family in Madison lost a beloved Catalpa and asked us to make a variety of pieces from the giant logs that were saved. These live edge benches are some of what we made.

Dining Table


Live Edge Table


This slab had a lot of character, with some of the holes and separation left in place, in addition to some repaired with dutchmans. The slab was from a Maple which grew in Beardsley Park.

Red Oak Mantle


This Mantle was built and installed for a couple in Norwalk, who wanted a contemporary look and clean lines.

Walnut Live Edge Bench


This live edge walnut bench was made for the entryway of an engineering firm in Plainville, CT.

Elm Credenza


This elm credenza was one of a set that we made for a Connecticut hedge fund.

Elm Credenza


This is one credenza of a set that we built custom for a hedge fund in Connecticut.

Elm Conference Table


This conference table was designed and built by a hedge fund in Connecticut.

Walnut Conference Table


This walnut conference table also serves as a lunch table for a company based in Stamford. It features two very long slabs that are bookmatched.

Custom Chair


Walnut Coffee Table


This walnut coffee table is made from a single slab and features some of the holes and separation that naturally occurred to the wood. Often times these features are repaired using a variety of techniques, which have a functional purpose in addition to a decorative one. In this instance, the client opted for the natural look of the slab.

Massive Ash Table


At 21′ long, this is the largest table we have ever made for a residence! Built from a huge ash tree on the property, the table is actually two 8′ tables bridged by 5′ of removable sections. The bases are steel wishbones.

River Birch Table


A stunning book-match of slabs. This table was built for a couple in Madison, CT. The base was built by a local fabricator.

Maple Miter-fold


This large miter-folded table is made from beautiful spalted silver maple. The bottom is recessed and stained black for an edge detail.

Studio Feature Wall


We built this wall for a local dance studio’s lobby. The variations in species, sizes and textures create a beautiful first impression for the space.

Elm Disc


Here we took a disc provided by the clients arborist from their property; flattened, finished and back lit for wall mounting. It’s truly a unique and wonderful example of the flowing structure elm can produce.

Maple Outdoor Bench


An impressive piece of maple! This stunning bench was built for a client from a tree taken from their property. The bench was placed over where the tree sat, able to live on in a new form. The wrap-around steel bases are powder-coated for added protection from the elements.

Sugar Maple Bench


A traditional spindle-backed bench with a live edge crest rail to give a modern twist. This bench was finished with polyurethane but without our typical 3-part oil first coat. This keeps the the maple very light and bright. Included is the shop drawing given to the client for approval.

Red Cedar Benches


These benches are made from Red Cedar felled and milled by the Connecticut Forest and Park Association from the trails behind their headquarters in Middlefield, CT. They are set into hillside to create an outdoor class from. The bases are gambion style; powder-coated metal frames filled with stones from the site.

Walnut Desk and Cabinet


A beautiful curved walnut desk accompanied by modern cabinet. The cabinet is made with box joints to show off the construction.

Oak Blanket Chests


A large oak fell on the New Haven home of these clients as well as on top of their neighbors car. We milled the massive oak and have been building tables and furniture for both he client and the neighbor! These large blanket chests are a light but durable with live edge inclusions and carving amongst the panels. What a great way to memorialize the mighty oak for generations to come.

Pin Oak Desk


This unique desk was inspired by a Franco Albini design which the client had seen. We used a pin oak salvaged from the property that was felled during renovation to create the desk, a bathroom vanity as well as a kitchen island top.

Pin Oak Bathroom Vanity


This is a bathroom vanity designed for a client’s unique, curved stone vessel sink.

Pin Oak Kitchen Island


We were asked to build a kitchen island top from a pin oak tree that came down during the renovation of this New Haven, CT home. In the end, we were able to use the pin oak tree from the site to build a bathroom vanity as well as a work desk for the client.

The Frederick Gunn School


The beautiful forested topography of Washington CT is a big part of the student experience at the Gunnery. When land was cleared to build a new theatre and student center the school made a big effort to repurpose a portion of the trees that needed to come down. City Bench was able to work with the school to build tables, counters and a mantle from beech trees that were felled.

Black Walnut Dining Room Table


This book-matched black walnut table found a beautiful home in Essex, CT, sitting atop the trees from a windowed dining room.

Florence Griswold Museum Benches


When a magnificent black walnut tree on the museum property became a hazard and needed to be felled, we were able to salvage the wood and create benches for the gallery spaces. These functional multi-use benches easily breakdown into single-sided benches with or without the backrests depending on the museum’s needs. The holes and live edge of the bench backrests reflect the hollowed-out trunk and extreme character of this mature walnut.

A Look Back: Live-Edge Elm Dining Room Table with Dished Out Stools


Elm Coffee Table


This Elm came down on the New Haven Green.

20 new dining tables from salvaged cherry on the Abbey

Last year the Abbey Regina de Laudis reached out to see if we could fabricate 20 dining tables for the new refrectory they were building which was to be part of a larger renovation. We worked with the sisters to salvage enough cherry logs they had to recently taken down from the property to make all the tables and drawers for the project. It was a terrific use of the wood and a pleasure for us to work on such a meaningful project for the women of the Abbey. We hope they use these table for the next 50 years as they did their previous tables. Here is a link to some photos of the tables after they were installed on site.

Swarthmore College Observatory


When Swarthmore College renovated their Sproul Observatory, we were asked to create furniture for the new multi-use spaces. Here we have the stools for the plinth top, a coffee table and a meeting room table. All these pieces are walnut with patina’d metal bases. The we particularly enjoy the table and the “hollow butterfly” aesthetic element that doubles as a power cord chase.

Swarthmore College Observatory


Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, PA removed several trees while renovating their Sproul Observatory. With the salvaged wood we were able to build an ash top with a binary star design. The plinth tops the concrete base to the original telescope housed in the observatory. The building is now a multi-use space.

The Pioneer Apartments


Sharing the same space as the long elm table, we also created a large sectional coffee table from spalted silver maple. The compass rose is made from elm and walnut and was designed to reflect the adventuring spirit of the building.

The Pioneer Apartments


For this project we built at 16′ long elm table with patina’d metal braces. The clean lines and dark metal complemented the buildings decor.

Ash benches


Here we have two benches made for the same couple in Hamden, CT from their salvaged ash tree. Note the beautiful but ultimately fatal beetle galleries on the live edge. These tell tale marks are left by the devastating Emerald Ash Borer.

Ash miterfold table


A couple in Hamden, CT removed several trees from their property and were able to salvage them for multiple pieces. This miterfold coffee table was made for one of their children. Now they have a part of their childhood forever.

Elm table


This wood for this unique table was made from a salvaged elm tree from the New Haven Green. We love the bleaching that occurs from a fungus in the tree, it adds such character to the clean lines of this farmhouse design.

SCSU Oak Pedestal


This oak pedestal is make from a tree that came from the schools campus. It now resides in the alumni house and holds a sculpture that was donated and refurbished by an alum.

Pine Grove School Makerspace


The Pine Grove School in Avon, CT had us build a makerspace for their library. This is the brainchild of our own Ted Esselstyn, he has an extensive history making colorful and whimsy spaces for children. The school was looking for a way to inspire the kids while in STEM classes.

Pickled Beech Mantle


This beautiful mantle is installed in a home in Old Saybrook, CT. The mantle was template’d to fit snug to the fire place and the pickling creates a dramatic contrast against the brick while complementing the rest of the room.

Pepsi Laboratory Campus


This large maple bench resides in the cafeteria of the new Pepsi Laboratory campus. The bench being fitted around the staircase support posts creates a sleek finished look.

Pepsi Laboratory Campus


We built this top and wall for the greeting desk at the new Pepsi campus in Valhalla, NY. Several oak trees were removed for the new building and we were able to salvage them to create these and other pieces.

Pepsi Laboratory Campus


These oak benches were delivered to Pepsi’s new laboratory campus in Valhalla, NY. The wood was salvaged from trees on the site. The bases are brushed stainless steel to match elements throughout the building.

Upholstered Ottoman


This beautiful ottoman was built for a client in NYC. The base is black walnut and the top in a two toned linen. Upholstery was done by Connecticut Upholstery.

Black Locust benches


These locust bench were installed at the Farm Hill School in Middletown, CT. The posts are powder coated for extra durability and the locust is said to “last one year longer than stone” outside.

Maple wall hanging


Some clients are looking for purely decorative pieces and grant us licence to explore. Ted was feeling colors with this one. The flowing sugar maple slab is a wonderful frame for the prism-like color array.

New Haven City Hall


We at City Bench are really proud of these pieces. These benches and wall hangings are located on the second floor, south end of the main hall in New Havens city hall. The oak was salvaged from a tree uprooted on the historical city green during Super Storm Sandy. Dubbed the “Lincoln Oak”, it was planted in 1909 on the 100th anniversary of Abe Lincolns birth along with a time capsule. Almost 100 years later in was felled and we made it into public pieces to be shared with future generations. The time capsule was opened for display by the New Haven Historical Society along side art work made by local artists from lumber and limbs from the tree.

Elm tables


This conference table and coffee table were built for a judge’s chambers in New Haven. The elm was salvaged from the historical New Haven Green.

Elm desk with drawer


What’s better than an elm desk to complete a home office? The book matched crotch wood and butterfly inlays make this a true gem. The pencil drawer is black walnut and blends in nicely to the underside of the top.

The Batch Yard: Boston Apartments


These tables all had tops made from the pine recovered during the building renovation of the Charleston Chew factory. The pair of tables with red bases as well as the “riveted bridge” table are located in the leasing offices. The high top pine table resides in the buildings common dining area.

The Batch Yard: Boston Apartments


Here we have the more pieces made for the The Batch Yard. The walnut table is a very modern design with a traditional tusk tenon style base. The patina’d metal anchors the piece and ties into other metal elements throughout the building.

The Batch Yard: Boston Apartments


The old Charleston Chew factory in Everitt, MA was converted into apartments and we were able to salvaged a few Long Leaf Yellow Pine beams from the building. Pine for lumber is grown very differently now when this wood was harvested, it’s rarely found in forests and almost entirely found in these old buildings. We made some seating tops and a high top table from that pine. The backsplashes were designed to reflected a city skyline.

White Oak island top


This book matched white oak top is the perfect center piece to a new office building in Stonington, CT. The curved ends are an elegant touch and reduces hard corners in a high traffic area. This top is full of the classic white oak flecking as well.

Elm table and bench


Salvaged elm from New Haven was used in this dining table and matching bench. The light grain color in the tops is caused by a fungus in the tree and adds a ton of character.

Mianus River benches


This series of benches were made for the Friends of Mianus River Park in Stamford, CT. They are a the culmination of an extensive river revitalization project. The benches are white oak and the frames are powder coated steel so they will last many years outside.

High top Elm table


This elm table was built for a family that wanted to place to either sit or stand at for entertaining. The knitted grain of elm is unlike any other wood.

White oak conference table


This white oak table is in the main offices of JCJ Architects in Hartford’s Colt Building. Its a series of book matched slabs at 28 feet long!

Mid-century modern desk


This desk was a joy to design and build for a clients office. The depth of the walnut color really compliments the geometric forms of the desk, while the stainless stain adds subtle highlights. The center section is a pull out tray.

Secret Society benches


These sleek elm benches adorn the courtyard of a secret society. Oh the stories they could tell!

Lululemon tables


Lululemon of Westport was remodeling their store and asked us to make a set of display tables for them. These two nesting waterfalls are made from sugar maple salvaged from Westport.

Heirloom Flats


We made a series of pieces for the Heirloom Flats apartments in Bloomfield with oak trees removed from the site. The dramatic 11′ tall doors flank the entrance to a common sitting room which also holds two long bar height tables. In an adjacent meeting room we installed clean open shelving. All the pieces are accented with blacked steel straps and brackets.

Cherry countertop


This elegant countertop brings warmth and rich color into this modern kitchen remodel. A conversion varnish is used for extra durability.

Beech bar top


The Eugene O’Neil Theater Center in Waterford had to remove a beloved beech tree from their property, so we salvaged to wood to make a bar top. Now visiting artists and playwrights have a part of it to socialize around at the end of a hard day!

Beech table and bench


This table and bench were made for a family in New Haven who had to remove a dying beech tree from their yard. The bench lives in the same spot where the tree was located.

Ash dining table


Classic form meets modern design in this wonderful ash table with extensions. Notice the large book matched insect galleries in the center of the piece.

Tulip bureau


This piece was fun to design and make. The client requested a bureau with different sized drawers and nooks. This is truly one of a kind.

Maple round table


We made several pieces for an investment firms new offices in Greenwich. This round table is used for team meetings.

Elm Meeting Table


It’ll be hard to talk about anything else while seated around this gorgeous elm table, which is located at an investment firm in Greenwich.

Walnut Coffee Table


This single slab walnut table is in the entrance to an investment firm in Stamford. The piece packs a lot of character into a small area to help create an inviting atmosphere.

Elm Credenza


This piece is a beautiful example of elm. The cabinet faces are made from a continuous slab and is book matched to the top as well.

Walnut Island


This luxurious walnut island is central hub for a Stamford company’s common area. The double waterfall makes this large piece very unique.

Elm Island

This 10′ long elm island was salvaged from a farm in the Hudson River Valley. It is now the center piece for a family to gather around.

White Oak Benches


This pair of benches were built for a family in New Haven, along with table with a single breadboard end. Note the black staining from embedded nails reacting with the tannins in wood.

Tulip Table


This gloriously large table was built for a family in Westport. The top is a book matched pair of tulip slabs and the base is stained oak.

Common Ground Donor Wall


This wild installation lives in the main entrance to the new academic building of the Common Ground Magnet School. It serves a double function of inviting people into the space and presents the names of the donors that made the building possible.

White Oak Table


A wonderful wide slab white oak table. The single live edge breadboard gives hint of classic styling and an extra bit of length.

Elm Disc


Check out this striking Elm disc! It’s reclaimed from the base of unusually shaped tree. The back lighting really creates a dramatic presentation.

Oak Bench


A high backed, double bench made from Red Oak. The bench is giving residents a place to relax at the East Hartford Public Library and is made from wood salvaged from the campus.

Sugar Maple Mantle


This maple mantle is currently tying an apartment together in South Norwalk by bringing in a pop of warm colors

Walnut Table


The rich walnut does all the work for this large dining table. This table was shipped to a family in Chicago and is made from book matched slabs.

River Birch Countertop


A stunning example of a live edge island top. Note the iron staining from the nails that were removed from the slab.

Ash Desk


This stylish live edge desk went to an office in NYC. The ash log was salvaged from the clients own property.

Conference Table


This sleek walnut table was built for Carla’s Pasta in Bloomfield as a meeting table. Here’s to many delicious recipes made around it!

Maple Dining Table


This beautiful maple table was made for an couple looking for a place to have their weekly bridge games. The top is stained maple, the base is pickled oak and is built for tall stools.

Oak Bench


We built this Oak bench with a curved back for a client that was looking for a piece to place in an entry way.

Elm Cantilever table


We made this for a woman who often worked from home and wanted a desk she could easily exit and have a footrest.

Secret Society Entry Table


We built this entry table for a secret society at Yale made from salvaged red elm that came done in front of the building.

Secret Society Elm Entry Table


We salvaged some beautiful red elm from in front of this secret society and built this entry table and salvaged the old base.

Elm credenza, part 2


We built a second, smaller elm credenza similar to the larger one for the same hedge fund. This was an entryway credenza that was placed near a small elevator.

Elm credenza


We made this credenza for a hedge fund client in Westport. We took photos in our showroom because no photos are allowed on site after the installation. The step off between the top and the drawers is 2×2 steel.

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Walnut 181019_04_04

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