Where do you source your wood?

We’ve entered into a relationship with the City of New Haven to take a portion of the 600 trees they remove annually.  We also source trees with interesting legacies, species that are rare in this region, and very large logs.  Another focus of ours is to use wood from school campuses and institutions.  We have worked with Yale University, Choate Rosemary Hall, Trinity College, and Connecticut College among others.

How do you process the logs?

We use two different mills.  We mill on a Woodmizer for the smaller logs and a Peterson chain saw mill for the larger logs.  in New Haven, just below East Rock Park. Our slabs dry to a certain moisture content at which point we put them in our kiln.  After the kiln, the slabs are ready to work and we begin fabrication.   Our typical turn around time from log pick up to fabrication is a bit over a year.

Where do you build your furniture?

We design and build all our furniture out of three barns in Higganum, CT.  Come by, we’d love to see you.  Contact us to arrange a visit.

Who builds the furniture?

We do it all, from picking up the log to putting the last coat of finish on a piece.  We enjoy the process and hope you enjoy the result.

Do you take trees that have fallen on an individuals land, a school or business property and turn it into furniture?

We do this all the time.  Write or call us and we’ll send information on the process of transforming a log in your yard into the furniture in your home.

Do you ship?

Yes, we’re happy to ship anywhere.