How To Buy Wood

If you see something you’d like or have questions please get in touch with us:

phone: 216-870-0615
email: Zeb@city-bench.com


We sell our slabs green, air dried or kiln dried, which is why all our slabs, even recently milled ones, are up on the site. We also sell complete boules if you need the full log for a project.

Our numbering system makes it simple to create eye catching book-matched pieces. All our slabs are in sequence and numbered so you can compare them.

The inventory number tells you three bits of information:

  • the date the log was milled
  • the log number
  • the slab number of that particular log

It is written like this:

Year — Month —Day — Log # — Slab #

example:  #16-10-04-02-03

This means the log was milled October 4, 2016 and was the second log milled that day and is the third slab off the log.

Most of the slabs pictured online have been air drying for 1-3 years. Our pricing includes kiln drying but we discount for green and air dried slabs. Turnaround time will likely be in the 4-6 week range for kiln dried slabs, less time for green and air dried.

Shipping—we crate and ship slabs anywhere in the country. Provide us your zip code and we’ll include the shipping cost in our estimate when inquiring.

Visiting the mill:

We are happy to pull out slabs so you can look at the ones you are interested in. Mill visits are currently by appointment. Give us a call or email to coordinate.

It’s best to come with an idea of what you want.
This way we can pull out the slabs you’d like to see before you arrive.
Slab pulling fee: $35/ half-hour. (The fee will be applied toward any purchase.)

Why the pulling fee?

To show you slabs we have to pull them out from the racks where they’re air drying—we have limited space to store kiln dried slabs at the moment. Until we find a storage facility that is suitable to store kiln dried lumber we will be air drying until we get an order, which means that our labor costs to pull the actual slabs out for viewing are increased substantially.


Contract milling: If you have logs that need to be cut give us a call or email for pricing.

Flattening: Slabs move, cup and twist during the air drying process—even when we put tons of weight on them. We offer flattening and sanding services if you would like to save some time on your project.

Flattening and sanding fee—$120/hr.

Payment methods: All major credit cards

Mill Address: 180 Park Road, Hamden, CT 06517

Phone: 216-870-0615